Dear friends and colleagues,

we apologise for the long silence from our side. After 3 inspiring training circles with Sofia Bustamante in the early spring the pandemic has hit us in various ways, and we were not able to continue the training circles as we had planned. While the pandemic has shown that working in a decentralised, hybrid off/online space is more relevant than ever, we decided to put Social Tools on hold for a couple of months.

Originally we had planned the 3rd edition of the Social Tools Conference to take place on the last weekend of September. The topic of the conference was simply “The Meeting”. Our intention was to role-play different meeting formats and situations and reflect upon one of the most typical social situations we find ourselves in when we work with others.

Nevertheless, in late summer we decided that the format we had envisioned for the conference was not compatible with social distancing regulations, therefore the conference needed to be postponed for a year to September 2021. After upgrading to a Zoom Pro plan and attending online seminars, festivals, concerts, workshops etc. we also experienced a certain “zoom-fatigue”, so moving the conference online was not a very enticing option for any of us.

But we did not want to go down without a beep! So we’d like to invite you for the 2020 special edition of the Social Tools Conference – pandemic style. You can read the details here and hopefully we see you around.

The Social Tools 2020 Team
Agnieszka, Ilpo, Oliver and Owen

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